5 Things You Need To Know About Online Casinos

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5 Things You Need To Know About Online Casinos

Ok, so we know that not everybody is a casino maniac and some things may cause trouble at first. Not everything is super straight forward when you are making your first steps in the casino world. That’s why we are here! Follow our five simple steps and you will never have any problems in the casino.


Always register real details

Ok so hands up everyone who never registered any fake account on the internet? It can be either email, Youtube or Instagram account. We all did that at least once. What will happen when you will do the same with your casino account? Well, first of all, you will not be able to withdraw any winnings. Why is that? The casino will ask you for verification before withdrawal and surely you will not be able to confirm fake details with any document like ID or passport.

Never use the same casino bonus twice

This rule applies to everyone – if you will use the same bonus more than one time your account will be blocked and you will lose all your winnings. It includes the bonuses used on the same IP address, home address or user. Usually, casino sites block the bonus in their system – so it can be claimed only once on the account, but if you will somehow manage to activate it once more – you are in big trouble. Not worth to risk it as you will need to say goodbye to all your winnings.

Be prepared for verification

Verification in online casinos always come as a surprise. You never know when you will receive such request – it can be either after registration, after first deposit or after you’ve made your first withdrawal. What is the best way to make it? Be prepared! Have all your copies scanned and ready to send after you will receive such request. Most commonly you will be asked for the copy of your ID/passport, utility bill (it has to be with your name and address, can’t be older than 3-6 months) and copies of the credit card or screenshot from e-wallet account.

Don’t play from different country

So let’s just say you’ve decided to spend a nice little weekend in Italy. You are back in the hotel and you want to play some slots to kill the time. Not a good idea! Some countries like Italy have completely different gambling laws which limit access to certain casino sites. If you will somehow manage to log in your account will be blocked temporarily. First of all online casinos needs to confirm if it was really you trying to log in from a different country, and secondly to check why on earth you are trying to log in from the country which is not allowed on their site.

Always use your own account

Ok, so you’ve found some nice bonus offer and you start to think – why not use it for all my family members? Well, you will be easily tracked by the online casinos and all related accounts will be closed permanently. Remember that all bonus offers can only be used once per IP, household and user. Plus you are obligated by the Terms and Conditions to only use your own account.