Guiness World Records in Casino

world records in casino

Today we will share with you some amazing Guinness World Records from casinos. From the biggest win to the biggest slot tournament in the world.


Most casinos visited lifetime

Probably you have visited one or two land-based casinos in your life. This guy will beat you easily! He holds a record for visiting the most casinos. Edwin Wheeler from the USA visited in total 358 casinos during his life. It took him almost 50 years, and he has visited them between 1955 and 2002. Now that’s what we call a record!

Most casinos visited in a day

Ok, so now when we look at Edwin’s record it seems that he could do a bit better than 50 years. In this record, we have two teams who have visited 69 different casinos in 24 hours! The first record was achieved by father and son from USA – Jack and Jeremy Freeman. They have visited casinos in Las Vegas in September 2007.

The record was then achieved again by a pair of friends – Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer, also in Las Vegas. Friends celebrated this way 50th birthday of Kimo in October 2015.

Biggest slot machine tournament

Now here’s something for all casino slots fans. On 30th of April 2016 in Muckleshot Casino in Auburn USA the biggest casino slot tournament was held. In total there were 3173 players! This way casino celebrated the 21st anniversary.

Highest Baccarat Win

Lin Haisan from Hong Kong set a new record! He won the main prize of 100 million HKD (almost 13 million of dollars!) in Baccarat tournament in Macao. He holds the record since 2015 and so far no one has beaten him!

Highest Jackpot Payout

The best one comes in the end! Jon Heywood from the UK, won almost 18 million euros (€17 879 645) when playing in the Mega Moolah slot. He played in the online casino and hit the juicy win in October 2015. What a lucky guy!