Low stakes or High Stakes?

low or high stakesAs casino players, we often wonder what is the best strategy to use when playing in casino slots. Of course picking the best casino game is important. As we have mentioned before is always the best to go with the games with the highest return to player percentage – read more here.

Low Stakes

When you have already picked your favourite game – now you need to decide what stake you will play. You can always start with minimum possible bet – which can be as low as €0,09 per single spin. You will be able to play more rounds which at the same time gives you more chances of hitting a win. Your winnings will be lower, but it’s a safe way to go for all casino newbies.

By playing more rounds you will get to know the slot a bit better. You will know what to expect, how the main features looks and what winnings you can get.

High Stakes

Another way to go is playing with high stakes. It brings more risk but it can pay off with some big hits if you are lucky. You will have fewer chances of course but you can get much more money in the long run. Especially if you will manage to hit the bonus or free spins game round. Bonus rounds and free spins usually pay off more than standard spins. It’s not a golden rule, however, we often see it when playing in casino slots.

Increase your bet

You have one more option – start increasing your bet when you are winning. Let’s just say you will start with €0,10 bet per spin. You have got €2 win and now you will increase your bet to €0,20. Your winnings will be now doubled. You will not be able to predict if you will win when increasing the bet, however, it’s always worth a try when you have winnings to cover the higher bet.

Players who use casino slots regularly usually have already favourite stakes they start with. When they hit a big win, they usually withdraw part of the money and they increase bet for next spins. We would say that’s the best way to go – you have managed to withdraw some of the winnings and now you can get even more when playing with high stakes. You are still on plus in this case even if you will lose the next rounds.

It may happen that you will not win anything – that’s why it’s always the best to set your playing limit up-front. You know that you might lose your money and that’s completely fine. If you will manage to win – even better.