Is Online Gambling Legal?

Today we will focus on some serious things. We will clear all the doubts regarding online gambling and is it legal or not.

First of all online gambling cover not only a casino but also poker and sportsbook. Different regulations can apply for each product across the same country. Our main interest is of course casino but we will also cover other products.

All gambling sites operated under the license, below we have listed the most popular ones in Europe:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • Gibraltar Casino License
  • Cyprus Gambling License
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • The Isle of Man

The license of the casino site is usually listed on the bottom of the page as well as in Terms and Conditions of the site.

What is the most important thing for you as a player is a country from which you are playing from. Some countries have additional regulations and even if we are all in the European Union, gambling can be covered by local laws.


If you are living in Cyprus you don’t need to worry – you can play online in the casino, poker or sportsbook. The only thing you need to check if the site you are trying to use doesn’t exclude players from Cyprus.


If you are playing from France you will have a limited choice. Since 2009 it is only allowed to play on the sites with the french license.


Same thing goes for Germany – if casino page doesn’t have German license it will not accept any German players. Sites that wants to operate in Germany needs to apply for a specific license.


Currently, there is no limitation for players from Ireland. As long as the country is not excluded in the Terms and Conditions you are welcome to register and play online.


Malta is one of the countries in Europe that provides sites with a comprehensive license for casinos, sportsbook and poker. Maltese players are welcome to play on any site as long as they are not excluded in the terms of the site.


Poland is one of the countries where the gambling law was changed quite recently and it’s still in progress. Since April 2017 it is no longer possible to play on the sites without polish license and sites will be blocked by the government. Casino games will be no longer available for Polish players as they will be under government monopoly.


Russia has banned online gambling completely in 2006, Russian players will not be able to gamble online anymore.


Spain decided to go with the similar approach as UK – only sites with Spanish license are available for Spanish players. Most of the sites are blocked as only very few have decided to join the Spanish market.

United Kingdom

Players from the UK can play only on the sites with UK license. As we know from our research, not every casino site decided to apply for it. However, there is still many sites with casino games available for players from the United Kingdom.


The easiest way to find out if you are allowed to gamble online is to check Terms and Conditions of the site. If your country is not listed as excluded one and it’s available on the registration page – you are welcome to register.

Some sites block their sites based on the IP address. For example, if you will try to register from Spain on the site that doesn’t accept Spanish players, you will then get an information on the screen that due to gambling laws you can’t access following site.