QuickSpin Achievements In Casino Slots

So, I was playing Big Bad Wolf slot a few days ago and I’ve noticed some new coin symbol showing on the top left corner. First I thought it’s something related to the casino that I was playing in, but turns out it’s a new feature from QuickSpin provider.

QuickSpin Achievements

So, I’ve started digging into the subject. Looks like this feature was launched a few months ago but it’s not active on all casino sites yet.

Basically, it works in a simple way – achievements will track the events of the game you are playing and you will be rewarded with extra bonus round.

Below I have listed achievements available in Big Bad Wolf:

  • Scatter Madness – hit a scatter symbol in a spin
  • Boars – hit a spin with all pigs wilds
  • Huff and Puff – hit a spin where the brick house is blown down
  • #winning – hit a spin with a win that is equal or more than 10 times your bet
  • Big Bad Wolf – enter the free spins bonus
  • Swoops – hit a spin with more than 15 swoops

Of course, there will be a different achievement for each game and above is just an example.

Achievements are also divided by colours – bronze, silver, gold and diamond. First, you start off with collecting bronze then silver and so on.

For finishing each achievement you will get tokens – Bronze will get you 2, Silver 5, Golden 15 and Diamond 30 tokens.

quickspin achievements

Extra Bonus Round

Ok, but what can you do with those tokens?

Ha! You can exchange them for the free spin game round. Minimum tokens that you need is 10 and it will get you a bonus round with minimum stake €0.25. Collect 513 tokens and you will enter the bonus round with stake €12.5!

To exchange your tokens you simply click on the start-bonus button on the top. The number of your tokens is showing on the top left corner while you play.


I have to say I love it! I’m playing Big Bad Wolf very often and if I can get something extra then why not? So far I managed to collect only 10 tokens in my QuickSpin achievements and I’ve already played my extra free spins.

I am not sure if it’s a permanent offer, but I really hope it is. I’ll keep you posted if something will change.

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