RTP in Casino – Top 50 games from NetEnt

Casino slots RTP

You were probably wondering how much you can win in casino slots. It’s all based on RTP – it’s a shortcut for Return To Player. Please note that this is only theoretical return to player provided by casino providers.

It’s always the best to play in games with highest RTP. That’s why it’s so important to check it before you will start playing for real money.

Pick the games from the top and you will have more chances to hit the big winnings.

We start with the list of games from NetEnt provider. NetEnt is of the most popular casino providers, it offers wide selection of high quality casino games. This provider offers slots, table games, video poker, mini-games, lottery and jackpot games. You will for sure find a game for yourself.

We know how important it is for players to win, we all like to win, that’s why we have created this list. It will be much easier for you now to find a game with highest RTP.

Top 50 Casino Slot games from NetEnt

netent slots rtp



Please also don’t miss free spins offers which you can claim without making deposit.


Now you know which game you should play!