How to win in Casino?

How to win in Casino?

how to win in casinoYou were probably hoping to win this time, and you ended up losing again. So you are sitting at home spinning and spinning and nothing. You have your favourite game, but it seems like you have no luck recently. Everyone loves to win, but how to do that?

We have listed 5 simple rules to increase your chance of winning.



  1. Check your budget

    Do not ever play over your budget, as it will never end up well and you will be frustrated. The casino is all about the joy and winnings, but how you can be happy if you have lost everything? You can also do that by setting up personal deposit limit – it’s pretty common feature on most of the sites if you don’t see it – just contact support and they will do it for you. Always play responsibly and you will avoid frustration.

  2. Pick your games

    Who said that you can only play one game at one time? Go ahead and open two or three games, you can play them simultaneously and you will give yourself a better chance of winning. It’s always better to play in slots which offer extra features like bonus rounds or free spins, as in most cases you can win some really big winnings in those.

  3. Check RTP

    RTP is a shortcut for a return to the player. It’s always best to check it before you start and pick games with RTP over 90%. The higher the better for you!
    To make it even easier for you – we have listed the most popular games and their RTP – click here to find out more.

  4. Withdraw your winnings

    It’s nice to win, but even better to have actual money in your pocket. Don’t keep spinning through your winnings – withdraw them right away and leave yourself small amount to finish the game – or who knows maybe even win more? And golden rule – never cancel your withdrawal. If it’s tempting – you can even self-exclude your account for 24 hours – this option is usually available in user settings if it’s not – you can always ask support to do that for you.

  5. Check the time

    Time flies when you are having fun, that’s for sure. It’s always better to limit yourself to the exact amount of time that you will spend on playing. Some casinos even offer session limits that you can set up on your account. In most casinos, you will also get a pop-up after one hour to inform you that you have been playing for one hour (or more) and how much you have lost or won during that time.

If the reels are spinning there is still a chance of winning. We wish you all the best and we hope you will win big this time. Best of luck!