Is it worth to register with more than one casino site?

casino sitesSo we all know that some players find the site they like and they stick to it. If you had a good experience on the casino site – fast payments, no issues with the games and you often receive bonuses, why would you change that?

Signing up with new casino site

Well the answer is simple – to get more casino bonus offers. If you have only one account you limit yourself to one page and you are missing on some great bonus offers. Of course you might feel a bit unsure about some sites – when you don’t know how fast you will receive your payments or if there will be problem with verification of your account. Don’t be scared! You can check our reviews before creating your account!

Our tip is simple – register on as many casino sites as you feel like. You don’t need to make a deposit on each site and still get some goodies. Especially that most of the sites gives you free spins without deposit. Even for that reason it’s worth to give it a try.

New games

Another thing which is worth to mention in here are casino games. Not every site offers games from the same provider – NetEnt games you can find almost everywhere, however Microgaming and QuickSpin games can be only found on few sites. If the new casino site has a games from provider that you haven’t tried before – this is a good way to start exploring. Who knows – maybe you will find your lucky game?

Free account

Creating account is always straight and simple and having account doesn’t cost you anything. You can keep as many accounts active as you wish. Remember to always sign up for the newsletters and SMS offers to make sure you will not miss any no deposit bonus offers.

Why not use it to your advantage? Even with the free bonuses you can win some money and if you will manage to wager you bonus – you basically get money for free. Who doesn’t like to get extra money for free? We don’t know anyone who would say no to that.

If you are looking for the new casino sites – check our list on the main page. Enjoy!

Bloodsuckers Slot Case Study

bloodsuckers slotIt’s time for another casino slot test! This time we have decided to go with the Bloodsuckers slot from Netent. It’s on the top position on our list with high RTP slots that can be found here. Return to player of this slot is 98% which should give us some nice hits.

As always – we have deposited €5000 to 5 different casino sites and we have played 50 spins with €100 bets. Let’s see how it went!

Bloodsuckers Slot Test

As you can see we have managed to hit the free spins game round only two times during the tests – which means that we got one round per 125 spins played. We got bonus game round 4 times – once in every 62,5 spins.

We won in total €24516 while we have made deposits of €25000 – so not a great result we are a bit on minus here.

In every test we got over 20 wins, in total we have won 112 times – once in every 2,23 spins. Our average win was €218,89 which is a bit over two times bet amount. Which is not high at all.

We will be honest that we have expected some better results from the Bloodsuckers game with such a high RTP. It’s worth to give it a try, however we are not impressed. Special features like bonus game round or free spins give a nice boost to the winnings but it may not be enough.

5 Things You Need To Know About Online Casinos

online casinos

5 Things You Need To Know About Online Casinos

Ok, so we know that not everybody is a casino maniac and some things may cause trouble at first. Not everything is super straight forward when you are making your first steps in the casino world. That’s why we are here! Follow our five simple steps and you will never have any problems in casino.


Always register real details

Ok so hands up everyone who never registered any fake account on the internet? It can be either email, youtube or instagram account. We all did that at least once. What will happen when you will do the same with your casino account? Well, first of all you will not be able to withdraw any winnings. Why is that? Casino will ask you for verification before withdrawal and surely you will not be able to confirm fake details with any document like ID or passport.

Never use the same casino bonus twice

This rule applies to everyone – if you will use the same bonus more than one time your account will be blocked and you will lose all your winnings. It includes the bonuses used on the same IP address, home address or user. Usually casino sites block the bonus in their system – so it can be claimed only once on the account, but if you will somehow manage to activate it once more – you are in big trouble. Not worth to risk it as you will need to say good bye to all your winnings.

Be prepared for verifcation

Verification in online casinos always come as a suprise. You never know when you will receive such request – it can be either after registration, after first deposit or after you’ve made your first withdrawal. What is the best way to make it? Be prepared! Have all your copies scanned and ready to send after you will receive such request. Most commonly you will be asked for the copy of your ID/passport, utility bill (it has to be on your name and address, can’t be older than 3-6 months) and copies of the credit card or screenshot from e-wallet account.

Don’t play from different country

So let’s just say you’ve decided to spend a nice little weekend in Italy. You are back in the hotel and you want to play some slots to kill the time. Not a good idea! Some countries like Italy have completely different gambling laws which limits access to certain casino sites. If you will somehow manage to log in your account will be blocked temporarly. First of all online casinos needs to confirm if it was really you trying to log in from different country, and secondly to check why on earth you are trying to log in from the country which is not allowed on their site.

Always use your own account

Ok, so you’ve found some nice bonus offer and you start to think – why not use it for all my family members? Well, you will be easily tracked by the online casinos and all related accounts will be closed permanently. Remember that all bonus offers can only be used once per IP, household and user. Plus you are obligated by the Terms and Conditions to only use your own account.

Big Bad Wolf Slot Case Study

big bad wolf slotWe can easily assume that you’ve already heard about Big Bad Wolf slot. It’s a great slot from Quickspin that comes with extra features like free spins game round and falling symbols. It’s well known for it’s high winnings (return to player 97.34%). No wonder we have decided to test it to see how much you can win in it!

Big Bad Wolf Slot Test

In our test we have made 5 deposits of €5000 to five different casino sites. Each time we have played 50 spins for €100 bet per round. You can view our results in the table below.


In total we have won €29660, minus our deposits it gives us nice net win of €4660! We have won 78 times during 250 spins – one win per 3,2 spins played.

As you can see we have managed to hit the free spins game round only 3 times during 250 spins played. It means that in average we got the free spins after 83 spins played. Not bad!

Our average win amount was €380! Which is almost four times the bet amount. Now we know why this game is so popular. We ended up being on big plus which is always nice – well who doesn’t like to win?

Of course the bigger boost to your winnings you can get with free spins. Standard wins are not super high but they can also get you some money.

After our test we can recommend Big Bad Wolf to every casino player, especially if you are looking for the best casino slot to wager your bonus.

Starburst Slot Case Study

big win in starburstProbably every casino player knows Starburst slot. This Netent game quickly became popular and it’s still on the top of the list of top played casino games.

Starburst doesn’t have any fancy features like bonus game round or free spins. The only extra feature that you will find in here is the stars wilds. When you will hit them it will cover the whole reel (it can appear only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel) and it will work as a wild to substitute for all symbols. It will give you also another re-spin for free and if you will hit another star reel you will get another one.

Starburst RTP is 96,1% – which is quite high and we expect to get some money back. We have decided to test it to see how much you can win and if you will end up being a loser or winner after. Please have a look at our test below to find out more.

Starburst Slot Test

Test 1

Starting Balance: €5000

Bet: €100

Played spins: 50

Extra feature: 7

Wins: 17

Big win: 2

Amount won: €9520

As you can see without any winnings we would end up with €0 however we have managed to win €9520!

Test 2

Starting Balance: €5000

Spin: €100

Played spins: 50

Extra feature: 6

Wins: 12

Big win: 0

Amount won: €3110

This time we went a bit down – no big wins and we ended up with €3110. Of course we lost a part of our deposit but not all of it.

Test 3

Starting Balance: €5000

Spin: €100

Played spins: 50

Extra feature: 3

Wins: 9

Big win: 0

Amount won: €3670

This test was similiar to the previous won – we only got 9 wins, but they were higher than in previous round.

Test 4

Starting Balance: €5000

Spin: €100

Played spins: 50

Extra feature: 5

Wins: 12

Big win: 0

Amount won:  €2930

In this test we have got the lowest results – even though we got 12 wins they were quite small and part of our deposit is gone.

Test 5

Starting Balance: €5000

Spin: €100

Played spins: 50

Extra feature: 6

Wins: 13

Big win: 1

Amount won: €7250

Last test went quite well – we won €2250 plus we got our deposit back. We have managed to achieve it only with one big win.


Total amount played: €25000

Played spins: 250

Total amount won: €26480

Net winnings: €1480

Wins: 63

Big wins: 3

In average we got one win per 3,96 spins played and extra feature once in every 9,25 spin. Our average win amount was €420.


What can we get out of this test?

First of all we can see that we ended up being on plus, we have never lost the whole deposit we’ve made. In some tests winnings were lower but we have managed to withdraw more money that we have invested to play.

Starburst would be for sure our first game to go with if you want to wager your bonus. Winnings are not crazy big but you can see that you will hit them more often than in other casino slots.

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