Copy Cats – New Casino Slot From NetEnt

copycats slot

Another slot from NetEnt just showed up in online casinos – Copy Cats! It comes with great free spins features and perfect design. If you are a kitty fan you will love it!

In the game there’s four different cats – red, pink and golden one. Golden cat works as a wild and it will substitute for all symbols except the bonus one.


Copy Cat Feature

Whenever you will hit full reel of one cat on the first reel it will convert all the other cats on the remaining reels to the same cat symbol. Of course the best is to hit the golden cat – as it will convert all cat symbols to wilds. Believe us it will take your winnings to the moon! Feature can appear during the standard and free spin mode.

copy cat feature

Free Spins in Copy Cats

To enter free spin game round you need to hit 3 bonus symbols. Bonus symbol can appear only on the reel 1, 3 and 5. You will be rewarded with 10 free spins and they can be re-triggered if you will hit additional 3 bonus symbols during the free spins.

free spins in copy cats


Ok – we are not in love but it’s pretty good slot. Copy cat feature gives really nice winnings but we would like to see even more special features. Let’s wait for another NetEnt release.

Remember to check your casino account and phone this week. Many sites decided to give away some free spins for free so you will have a chance to try the new slot.

If you don’t have an account yet – check our fancy list on the main page.


Provider: NetEnt

Minimum bet: €0.25

Maximum bet: €125

Pay lines: 25

RTP (return to player): 96.76%

Special features: free spins, wilds, copy cat feature

Scruffy Duck New NetEnt Slot

Here it is! Brand new casino slot from NetEnt. Check our review and main features of Scruffy Duck slot machine. Boost your winnings with free spins and expanding wilds!

Scruffy Duck will be officially launched later on this week. We had a chance to try it already and we come to you with some sneak peaks.

As you probably already figured out – main theme of the game is Scruffy Du   ck. Game has a great colorful design and it comes with many extra features. Let’s be honest – extra stuff is what we like the most! In this slot you can get many of them – free spins, multipliers, expanding and colossal wild symbols.

We will guide through the game so you will now what to expect when the game is launched!

Free Spins in Scruffy Duck

Ok – so how do you get them? Pretty standard thing – hit 3 scatters (freespins symbols) and you got it! Scatters can only appear on 3rd, 4th and 5th reel.

Next screen that you will see is the pick the feature option. You will need to pick one duck from the lake and it will reveal the main feature of your freespins.

pick feature scruffy duck

What features you can get?


With multiplier all your winnings will be multiplied by 3 and you will get in total 15 spins.

multiplier scruffy duck

Symbol Removal

With this feature you will get 12 freespins. All low symbols will be removed during the free spins, so you will only have a chance to hit big win with best symbols.

symbol removal scruffy duck

Colossal Wild

It will give 10 freespin with colossal wild feature. Colossal wild will usually cover from 4 to 6 spaces and it can really get you nice increase of your bankroll.

colossal wild scruffy duck

Random Wild

As you probably already know this extra option will grant you with random wilds during the free spins. You will have in total 8 rounds.

random wild scruffy duck

Double Feature

Only 6 spins but totally worth it! This feature combine two random features from the ones we have mentioned above. We got the highest winning during this round.

double eature scruffy duck

You can’t win more rounds and free spins can’t be retriggered as freespin symbols are not available in special rounds.

Expanding Wild

This wild can appear in the main and freespins game mode. It will expand each wild that will appear on the reel (as long as there is winning combination) to cover the whole reel.

expanding wilds scruffy duck

We advise you to check your email this week as many sites will offer free spins to try out the new slot. If you don’t have an account with online casino yet – check our list with bonuses! 

Let’s sum it up! Really great game and we liked the double feature the most (no surprise here as we got nice juicy win with it).


Provider: NetEnt

Special Features: Expanding Wilds, Free Spins, Multiplier, Symbol Removal, Colossal Wild, Random Wilds, Double Feature

Paylines: 25 lines

Minimum Bet: €0.25

Maximum Bet: €250.00

RTP: 96.38%

Is Online Gambling Legal?

Today we will focus on some serious things. We will clear all the doubts regarding online gambling and is it legal or not.

First of all online gambling cover not only casino but also poker and sportsbook. Different regulations can apply for each product across the same country. Our main interest is of course casino but we will also cover other products.

All gambling sites operated under the license, below we have listed the most popular ones in Europe:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • Gibraltar Casino License
  • Cyprus Gambling License
  • UK Gambling Comission
  • Isle of Man

License of the casino site is usually listed on the bottom of the page aswell as in Terms and Conditions of the site.

What is the most important thing for you as a player is the country from which you are playing from. Some countries have additional regulations and even if we are all in the European Union, gambling can be covered by local laws.


If you are living in Cyprus you don’t need to worry – you can play online in casino, poker or sportsbook. The only thing you need to check if the site you are trying to use doesn’t exclude players from Cyprus.


If you are playing from France you will have a limited choice. Since 2009 it is only allowed to play on the sites with french license.


Same thing goes for Germany – if casino page doesn’t have german license it will not accept any german players. Sites that wants to operate in Germany needs to apply for specific license.


Currently there is no limitation for players from Ireland. As long as the country is not excluded in the Terms and Conditions you are welcome to register and play online.


Malta is one of the countries in Europe that provides sites with comprehensive license for casinos, sportsbook and poker. Maltese players are welcome to play in any site as long as they are not excluded in the terms of the site.


Poland is one of the countries where the gambling law was changed quite recently and it’s still in progress. Since April 2017 it is no longer possible to play on the sites without polish license and sites will be blocked by goverment. Casino games will be no longer available for polish players as they will be under goverment monopoly.


Russia has banned online gambling completely in 2006, russian players will not be able to gamble online anymore.


Spain decided to go with the similiar approach as UK – only sites with spanish license are available for spanish players. Most of the sites are blocked as only very few have decided to join the spanish market.

United Kingdom

Players from UK can play only on the sites with UK license. As we know from our research not every casino site decided to apply for it. However there is still many sites with casino games available for players from United Kingdom.


The easiest way to find out if you are allowed to gamble online is to check Terms and Conditions of the site. If your country is not listed as excluded one and it’s available on the registration page – you are welcome to register.

Some sites block their sites based on the IP address. For example if you will try to register from Spain on the site that doesn’t accept spanish players, you will then get a information on the screen that due to gambling laws you can’t access following site.


Top Games With Free Spin Feature

There are so many casino games available that it can be really hard to pick the best one. Today we will focus on something that we like the most. Casino games with free spins feature!

Free spin round can be activated when you hit 3 or more scatter symbols. In some games scatters needs to be on the pay line and in others any 3 scatters on random lines will activate the free rounds. Number of spins can vary, usually it’s minimum 10 up to maximum 30 rounds. It all depends on the game and the paytable.

Let’s move to the best part – games. Which game you should play to get free spins? Check our list below and start playing.

Wild Turkey

wild turkey free spinsOk, so Wild Turkey might not be super popular for some reason. It’s a NetEnt game launched few years ago and for us it seems like it’s really easy to hit free spins there. To get to the free rounds you just need to hit 3 or more wilds on any of the reels in any combination.

Not only you can increase your winnings by hitting the wild but you also get entry directly to free spins. Minimum of spins that you can receive is 15.

During the free spin round you can receive additional spins (also known as re-trigger). You can get 2 extra spins every time you will hit the full wild – it needs to cover the whole reel.


victorious freespinsIf you haven’t played Victorious yet – you should definitely give it a try. To get free spins you need to hit three scatter symbols in order from left to the right, starting from the first reel.

What is unusual in here is that wild symbol will substitute for the scatter. It makes it much easier to hit the freespin round that way. On top of that all 243 lines are active!

Minimum number of spins that you can get is 15 and maximum 25. During the free spins game round all winnings will be tripled!

You can receive additional spins if you will hit another 3 or more scatter symbols in the free spins game round.


playboy freespinThis might be one of the most popular slots from Microgaming. It’s totally understandable! To enter the freespin round you will need to hit three scatters on any of the reels. For each free spins you will hit you will climb to the next level to unlock new features. That way you will be able to pick your own features during the free spins.

You can get spins with 5 times multiplier, running wilds, rolling reels or with wild night feature. Game comes with all pay lines active, which makes it even more easier to hit some nice winnings.

Guiness World Records in Casino

world records in casino

Today we will share with you some amazing Guiness World Records from casinos. From the biggest win to the biggest slot tournament in the world.


Most casinos visited lifetime

Probably you have visited one or two land based casinos in your life. This guy will beat you easily! He holds a record for visiting the most casinos. Edwin Wheeler from USA visited in total 358 casinos during his life. It took him almost 50 years, and he have visited them between 1955 and 2002. Now that’s what we call a record!

Most casinos visited in a day

Ok, so now when we look at Edwin’s record it seem that he could do a bit better than 50 years. In this record we have two teams who have visited 69 different casinos in 24 hours! First record was achieved by father and son from USA – Jack and Jeremy Freeman. They have visited casinos in Las Vegas in September 2007.

Record was then achieved again by pair of friends – Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer, also in Las Vegas. Friends celebrated this way 50th birthday of Kimo in October 2015.

Biggest slot machine tournament

Now here’s something for all casino slots fans. On 30th of April 2016 in Muckleshot Casino in Auburn USA the biggest casino slot tournament was held. In total there was 3173 players! This way casino celebrated the 21st anniversary.

Highest Baccarat Win

Lin Haisan from Hong Kong set a new record! He won the main prize of 100 million HKD (almost 13 million of dollars!) in Baccarat tournament in Macao. He holds the record since 2015 and so far noone has beat him!

Highest Jackpot Payout

The best one comes in the end! Jon Heywood from UK, won almost 18 million euros (€17 879 645) when playing in the Mega Moolah slot. He played in online casino and hitted the juicy win in October 2015. What a lucky guy!


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