Payments methods in Casino

Payments methods in casino

You probably already know that there are various types of payments methods in online casinos. Some are better than the others of course, but which one is the best? Let’s have a quick look at most popular methods.

Credit card

credit card in casino

With credit card like VISA, MasterCard or sometimes Maestro, you can make an instant deposit to your casino account. The money will be locked on your card and deducted within few banking days, but it shows instantly on player’s account. The only thing is, that most of the time you need to pay a deposit fee. The fee is normally around 2,5%, not much, but if you deposit with that method quite often, then you are basically spending quite a lot money for nothing. In some online casinos, you can deposit without a fee if deposit amount will be high enough. For example – no fee deducted for deposits of 100€ or over.

Withdrawal with a credit card is pretty easy, you need to pick your card from the list, and then accept your withdrawal. Not every card provider offers withdraw option, for example, with Maestro you will need to withdraw your winnings using bank transfer option. Withdrawal with a credit card usually takes from 2 to 5 working days. It might be a trouble if you need your money quickly.
Usually there is no fee for withdrawal, however, some casinos may charge it, information can be found on withdrawal page, usually, it’s around 1-3%. You also need to withdraw to the same card that you’ve used for your deposit.


e-wallets in casino

E-wallets like Skrill or Neteller offers instant deposits to many sites, not only casinos. To start using that method you need to first create an account and deposit money. You can use a credit card (fee is a bit lower than in casinos – starts from around 1,9%), Bank transfer, Paysafecard or even bitcoins if you have some.

In most cases there is no fee for deposit, however, I have seen some casinos that charge around 3% per deposit.

To withdraw your casino winnings with that method you need to pick your e-wallet account on the list and accept it. When your withdrawal will be approved, money will show up instantly on e-wallet account. It might be important if you really need your money right away. Plus you can always create pre-paid card to your e-wallet account, and then you can withdraw cash from ATM or pay with your e-wallet money in the store.

Some of the sites approve withdrawals within few minutes, so basically you get then instant access to your cash.

Bank transfer

bank transfer in casino

With bank transfers, there is two types of deposits, instant and standard ones. Instant will show up on your account within few minutes, and standard will show up within 2-5 banking days. Some of the banks offer instant banking, and then it makes no difference between card or e-wallet deposits. Usually, there is no fee and takes only a few minutes (might take up to 30 minutes) for money to show up on your player’s account. Nice option to avoid fees, if you don’t have a credit card, or if you don’t want to create e-wallet account.

If you wish to withdraw with that option you need to enter your details – name, IBAN (international bank account number), BIC/SWIFT (international code for your bank). Your withdrawal might be accepted within few minutes. You will still need to wait around 2-5 banking days for the money to show up on your bank account.

All payments methods are safe and secured, usually, casino sites show their certificates on the bottom of the page. It’s worth checking it before you will start sending your money to casino page.

Out of all the methods, we recommend using e-wallets, which gives you unlimited access to your money, without waiting for winnings. You can start using your winnings right away. Let’s be honest, if you win something, you will always want to get it right away.